I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called  “HEAL.” I wish this documentary was around when I was first diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I felt alone and not in control of anything including my body. I was in a purgatory from the time of my diagnosis to the time I would see any doctor for not nearly two weeks. I was alone with my thoughts and google! The only thing that I could control at that moment was the food that I put into my body. I stopped drinking coffee, I stopped eating red meat, I began drinking green smoothies, and gradually changed my diet to organic whole foods. I did not want to leave my family without a wife or mother and that was what kept my focus and gave me strength. Before I knew I had an almost 11 x 11 cm tumor in my lung, I decided I was going to keep active and I went to a spin class and a cardio class involving sticks for the first time ever! I could hardly keep up, which I thought was because I had just had a baby but it might have had something to do with that tumor….I began to forgive people from my past and clear negative feelings I was holding on to after I read a very insightful book that my dear friend gave to me. After I found out about the very large tumor on my lung, the moderate sized one on my breast and the smaller ones on my kidneys, I accepted the fact that chemotherapy was medicine that was going to target the cancer cells in my body. But I also  reached out to alternative therapies including acupuncture for the numbness and tingling in my fingers, reiki & cranial sacral massage to move energy around in my body, yoga & mediation to visualize the cancer cells leaving my body. I visited a naturopathic doctor to seek additional therapies I could do to help my body heal it self. I took music and art therapy at Wellspring.  I educated myself by going  to workshops on  ayurvedic medicine, toxic free diy products, vegan cooking classes. My parents and the people I loved around me prayed for me. I was surrounded by people who loved and supported me. I believe all these things healed my body.

The documentary “HEAL” is a film I believe everyone should see if they are struggling with a chronic health condition or cancer. I’m not sure why I went on the path I went on to heal my body but this film had some good points that solidified my actions taken during my cancer journey. There was a researcher in the documentary that had studied people who had gone through radical remissions. There were nine commanalities between everyone:

  1. Radically changing your diet
  2. Taking control of your health
  3. Following your intuition
  4. Using herbs and supplements
  5. Releasing suppressed emotions
  6. Embracing social support
  7. Deepening your spiritual connection
  8. Have a strong reason for living
  9. Increase positive emotions

I had done each and every one of these things! It was so intuitive. So many things resonated with me while watching the experts talk in this documentary. We should all be finding the route cause of a disease instead of medicating and temporarily fixing it. When we take control of our bodies rather than giving into the belief that we were handed a death sentence or doomed to live a life in pain and suffering, we should know that we can change our body’s chemistry.  This documentary’s experts touch on the need to detox our mind and body. We are constantly under stress from the news, unhealthy relationships, pollution, financial stresses, chemicals in our food and water, etc . With the constant increase in cortisol in our bodies, our memory function decreases, poor digestion occurs, decreased immune function occurs, and the ability to eliminate chemicals from our bodies occurs.  This accumulation of poor body system functioning leads to many chronic health conditions. If we can focus on healing our conscious and subconscious bodies as a whole, we can reactivate our immune system and change or body’s chemical makeup.

There are many deterrent’s to reaching out to alternative therapies including availability, cost, negativity, and or closed mindness. I’m hoping my journey will open some people’s minds to look a little further past conventional medicine and look at adjunctive therapies that will heal their mind and body so they can heal as a whole body. Many of my treatments were covered under my benefits, which I am grateful for. But through programs like Wellspring and workshops at BLUSH organic market, and Planet organic I was able to go to for free. Please watch “HEAL” on Netflix and dive deeper into the possibility of healing.

In Love and Light


Hello World

Hi my name is Jessica and I am restarting my blog after a little hiatus. I have had numerous people ask me where my site had gone and I am giving it a second go. Since returning from work after a 6 month sick leave, I have had zero time to properly put an effort into the information I wanted to share on my blog. But I really feel since being in remission for over a year now that the information I have learned along the way would be beneficial to not only individual’s going through a cancer diagnosis but also people struggling with chronic health conditions. I have a driven passion in the knowledge of the correlation between nutrition and health as well as the environmental toxins in our every day life and it’s effects on our health.

In my last blog, I went into depth about my cancer diagnosis but in summary, my cancer diagnosis started January 11, 2017 when I was diagnosed with stage 4 large B cell Non- Hodgkins lymphoma. I had a 2 year old and a 2 month old at the time. It started with a lump in my right breast and further scans showed an 11×11 cm tumor in my left lung, a 5×5 cm tumor on my right breast and two smaller tumors on my kidney’s. I started chemotherapy immediately the day after my PET scan. I had to stop breast feeding immediately which hurt in itself! I had 9 rounds of chemotherapy and 16 rounds of radiation to my chest. I had countless tests, blood work, drugs, and hospital stays. I lost a lot of weight due to the large tumor mass in my body. I lost my hair which was devastating to me. But I picked my self up and decided I was not going to go down without a fight. I was a wife and mother of two little girls. I changed my nutrition because that was the only thing I could control at the moment. I eventually went plant based. I did art and music therapy. I meditated, practiced yoga, participated in reiki, acupuncture and cranial sacral massage. Most importantly I had an army of support from my family and friends as well as my coworkers. I have been in remission for over one year now and I believe with my whole heart that it was because of my chemotherapy and radiation but also the changes I made during my treatment in 2017.